Marina Sobyanina – composition, keys, vocals & electronics
Sergey Balashov – drums, toys
Oleg Mariakhin – baritone saxophone & electronics
(Maximilian Grossenbacher – double bass)

JAZZATOR is a Russian-Swiss quartet that has embarked upon an adventurous mission of blending chamber music and jazz, free improvisation and wild post-breakbeat grooving. The result is a powerful iconoclastic sound. The musicians have fun with complicated rhythmic structures and intense textures and at the same time don't compromise the melodic beauty of their compositions. Original compositions by Marina Sobyanina get further enlivened by improvised acrobatics on the instruments and practical jokes that musicians play on each other and the audience.

JAZZATOR has released three studio albums and appeared at multiple European jazz festivals such as London Jazz Festival (UK), BeJazz Transnational (CH), Bohemia Jazz Festival (CZ), Jazzwerkstatt Bern (CH), Usadba Jazz (Ru) etc.

Marina Sobyanina – voice, piano, keys, electronics, kalimba, percussion
Tamara Lukasheva – voice, piano, keys, melodica, percussion

Music by: Tamara Lukasheva, Marina Sobyanina.

Lyrics by: Asya Klimanova, Tamara Lukasheva, Marina Sobyanina, Russian folk, Ukranian folk.

SBOKU is a cross-genre duo consisting of Bern-based Marina Sobyanina from Russia and Cologne-based Tamara Lukasheva from Ukraine - both singers, composers and pianists.

The starting point of SBOKU's programme was the poetry of Asya Klimanova, a teenage Russian girl with an extreme form of autism, who had died at the age of 17, leaving an extensive collection of poems behind. This was the only way she would communicate with the outer world, since she was mute. People as her are often left on the outskirts of the society, whereas their perception of the world is highly artistic and unique. Hence the duo's name, "SBOKU" (from Rus. "сбоку - at a side"), meaning that one can find the most beautiful things on the fringes, in cracks and crevicies. Later on the band's outcome also included purely instrumental compositions, as well as multi-language theatric interludes (in German, Russian, Ukranian, English, French etc.), connecting the tunes into a continuous narrative, where stylistic and formal boundaries disappear.

At times jazz, at times cabaret, at times free impro, enriched with the Slavic folk touch and flavoured with tender sound art interludes…

Liebster Lobster

Marina Sobyanina – composition, vocals, keys, electronics
Nils Fischer – bass clarinet, baritone saxophone
Maximilian Grossenbacher – cello
Nicolas Stocker - drums, electronics
Olivier Famin – video mapping, light design

"Liebster Lobster" is a constantly evolving ecological fugue, conceived as a multimedia immersive concert- performance addressing the pollution of our habitat with the byproducts of human activity – namely, plastic in the world ocean. Original music merges with light design and video mapping.

Marine thematics is taken up both literally and metaphorically, presenting scientific facts in a playful manner, from a perspective of the Lobster. Through a prism of individual artistic expression we reflect on the possibility of re-thinking and re-imagining certain elements by showing (musically and visually) how the same props change their meaning and impact once put in a different context; how innocence can be corrupted, organic turned to industrial, authentic – to artificial. Plastic, the main "decoration", will be the object of visual manipulations. At times shown as something divinely beautiful, it then turns to a toxic and deadly waste. This duality is what defines our relationship with our habitat, of which we are an indigenous part.

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